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Novell Nail Glue 15 g

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Glue for fixing artificial nails

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Novell Nail Glue 15 g

• Novell Nail Glue has a unique formula that allows you to use it comfortably and easily, as it does not cause bubbles and integrates with artificial nails easily.
• It provides a secure hold without breaking the nails in addition to this Novell Nail Glue dries very quickly.

Active ingredients:
Cyanoacrylate, Sulfur dioxide, Ethyl alcohol.

• Nail Glue Ensures smooth coverage of your nails and gives them a smooth finish.
• Nail Glue Ensures that the nail stays strong without cracking.
• Holds artificial nails for a long time.

How to use:
• Apply a thin layer of Novell Nail Glue to natural nails, artificial nails, or nail tips as indicated on the nail box
• To remove: use 100% acetone or artificial nail remover, soak the nails for 15 minutes or until the nail is completely soft.
• Using a cloth dampened with acetone, wipe off the nail residue Can also use nail glue remover.

• Novell Glue contains cyanoacrylate which may stick to the skin and eyes.
• Avoid contact of Novell glue with eyes.
• In case of sticky skin: Use acetone or nail polish remover to gently remove and peel off the adhesive.
• In case of contact with the eyes: rinse immediately with water and consult your doctor.
• Keep away from fabrics.

Made in:
South Korea

15 g

Store at room temperature.
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