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Obu Vitamin D3 Gummies with Peach Flavor 60 Pcs

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These peach-flavored gummies are rich in vitamin D, strengthening your bones and teeth while also helping to regulate your mood



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Obu Vitamin D3 Gummies with Peach Flavor 60 Pcs

Obu Gummies are packed with vitamin D, playing a crucial role in building strong bones and regulating levels of calcium and phosphorus.
These gummies also support the normal functioning of the immune system and may contribute to a healthy mood, featuring a delightful peach flavor.

Obu Vitamin D3 Gummies contain:
Vitamin D3: Strengthens bones and muscles, boosts immunity, enhances mood, has anti-inflammatory effects, and improves heart function.
Chamomile Extract: Calms nerves and possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties that promote healing for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.
Lemon Balm Extract: Reduces stress and anxiety, promotes sleep, improves appetite, and eases pain and discomfort from indigestion.
Passiflora Extract: Helps with anxiety, sleep problems, pain, and attention-deficit hyperactivity.

Active ingredients:
Vitamin D3, Chamomile Extract, Lemon Balm Extract, Passiflora Extract.

• Give your body the daily dose of sunlight it needs to keep your bones, muscles, and teeth strong and healthy.
• Boost immunity.
• Provide relaxation and regulate mood.
• Reduce stress and anxiety.
• Help you sleep well.

How To Use:
• Chew 2 gummies daily at any time of day.

More information:
• Suitable for adults above 18.
• Please consult the doctor before using this or any other dietary supplement, If you are pregnant, nursing, are under the age of 18, take any medication, or have any known medical conditions.
• Discontinue use and consult a physician if any adverse reactions occur.

• This product is characterized by:
- Halal.
- Sugar-Free.
- Does not contain artificial color or flavor.
- Nut free.

Made in

60 Pcs

Store at room temperature
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