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Omron Micro Air Mesh Nebulizer U100

52.000 KD

A portable Nebulizer that treats respiratory infections, and asthma attacks, and relieves coughing

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Omron Micro Air Mesh Nebulizer U100

The Omron portable Nebulizer is used when suffering from respiratory diseases and bronchitis.
The device pumps air and delivers oxygen easier without exerting effort during asthma attacks and coughing.
It can also be used in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, as it prevents aggravation of the condition and improves the patient's health.
You can use Omron Micro Air Mesh Nebulizer anywhere, wherever you go, and wherever you need to use it.
It can also deliver the drug quickly to the lungs to relieve coughing and narrowing of the bronchi.

Nebulizer device features:
- It can effectively deliver air to the lungs and significantly reduce coughing.
- Small and portable, you can use it while traveling.
- It can be operated with one button and does not cause any noise.
- It can be used while lying down, as it works in all directions and angles up to 360 degrees Celsius.

Instructions for using the portable Nebulizer:
- Follow the instructions in the instruction manual.

More information:
- The device contains a warranty card.
- It works with two AA batteries.
- The nebulization rate is 0.25-0.9 ml/min.
- It can be used by children and adults.

1 pc

Store at room temperature
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