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One Touch Verio Reflect Monitoring Offer Kit + 50 Strips

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An offer kit containing a reliable and accurate blood glucose monitor and a pack of 50 test strips to help manage diabetes

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One Touch Verio Reflect Monitoring Offer Kit + 50 Strips

One Touch Verio Reflect Monitoring Offer Kit is a promotional offer containing comprehensive tools for blood sugar monitoring.

The monitor in the kit has the Blood Sugar Mentor feature to give you personalized guidance and insights to manage high and low levels effectively.

One Touch Verio Reflect monitor also has the Color Sure dynamic range indicator to help you identify blood sugar levels and is Bluetooth- ready to allow you to connect to the OneTouch Reveal mobile app.

The kit also includes essential items such as a lancing device, sterile lancets, a pack of 50 test strips, an owner's booklet, a quick start guide, and a convenient carrying case.

One Touch Verio Reflect Monitoring Offer Kit Benefits:
• Provides personalized guidance, insights, and encouragement for managing blood sugar levels effectively.
• Alerts you when blood sugar results are high or low levels to prompt proactive action.
• Bluetooth connectivity with the OneTouch Reveal mobile app for additional insights and diabetes management support.
• Includes all the necessary components for convenience and organization in diabetes and blood sugar management.

Directions for use of One Touch Verio Reflect Monitoring Offer Kit + 50 Strips:
• Follow the instructions found on the packaging of the One Touch Verio Reflect Monitor.

More information:
• Follow the instructions provided in the owner's booklet and quick start guide for accurate and safe usage of the monitor.
• Use the lancing device and lancets as directed to ensure proper hygiene and disposal of used lancets.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Store in a clean and dry place, away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

Quantity: 1 Monitor + 50 Test Strips

Store at room temperature
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