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Optrex 10ml Eye Drops for red eyes

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Optrex eye drop for relieve red, itchy, puffy and watery eyes.

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Optrex 0.5 % 1 0ml - Eye Drops

Chloramphenicol exerts its antibacterial effect by binding to bacterial ribosomes and inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis at an early stage.

Relief of redness of the eye due to minor eye irritations.

How to store:
keep at room temperature.

Active Ingredient:

Chloramphenicol , Phenylmercuric nitrate , Boric Acid , ,

Side effects:
• Disturbed vision
•Severe pain
• Photophobia
• Eye inflammation
• Eye looks cloudy

• hypersensitivity to chloramphenicol or to any other ingredient of the drops.
• pre-existing bone-marrow depression or patients who have experienced myelosuppression during previous exposure to chloramphenicol.
• history of blood dyscrasias.
• Severe bacterial conjunctivitis and in cases where infection
• Prolonged or frequent intermittent topical application of chloramphenicol
• Do not use for more than 5 days without consulting your doctor.
• Toxic epidermal

How to use:
Adults, children over 12 years and the elderly:
Gently squeeze one to two drops into the corner of each eye. No more than 4 times daily.
Children under 12 years: Not recommended.

Dosage Form:

Eye Drops


10 ml


room temperature
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