Pantogar Capsule 90'S

Capsules that helps to stimulate hair and nails to growth.



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Pantogar Capsule 90'S

Pantogar capsules are known for their vital role in treating hair loss significantly and increasing its growth by restoring hair growth cycle balance.
Pantogar provides the hair follicles with a variety of nutrients that are important for stimulating hair growth again.
Capsules also help strengthen hair roots and reduce hair loss significantly.
Pantogar capsules contribute to increasing nail growth, strengthening and nourishing them to make them look more attractive.
It has a formula rich in all the essential elements follicles needed during their growth cycles, such as amino acids and vitamins like B vitamins and yeast.

Pantogar ingredients Benefits:
• Cysteine: An amino acid that helps in keratin production, strengthening follicles and resisting their breakage and loss.
• Vitamin B: improves blood circulation and provides hair with the nutrition it needs.
• Yeast: contains a mixture of essential vitamins and enzymes that stimulate blood circulation, nourish hair follicles and provide them with oxygen.
• Keratin: It has been shown to effectively strengthen hair follicles and improve hair health.

- How does Pantogar work?
It works to shorten the final phase of the hair life cycle, in which hair follicles stop growing, in addition to its role in accelerating the transition to the growth phase (anagen).

- Are Pantogar capsules designed for use by women only?
Pantogar capsules are suitable and safe to use for both women and men.

- How long to use Pantogar for hair loss?
Doctors recommend using capsules for a period of 3-6 months to get the best results.

- Do Pantogar capsules cause weight gain?
Capsules do not cause an increase in appetite or weight gain, which distinguishes them from other capsules for hair loss.

Active ingredients:
Vitamin B, Yeast , Keratin, Cystine

 Pantogar Benefits:
• Pantogar helps stimulate blood circulation.
• Strengthen hair follicles.
• Promotes hair health.
• Help treat hair loss.
• Stimulate hair growth.
• Nourish hair from its roots.
• Strengthen nails.

How to use:
• It is recommended to take Pantogar capsules 3 times daily with plenty of water.

• Tell your doctor about all other medications and supplements you take before taking Pantogar.
• Do not take the capsules if you are allergic to one of its ingredients.
• Avoid exceeding the recommended dose.
• Treating hair loss requires patience and commitment.

Made in:

90 capsule

Store at room temperature


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