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Pasta Del Capitano Dental Floss 50 M

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Floss helps clean teeth and hard-to-reach places with brushing, as well as protects against gum disorders

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Pasta Del Capitano Dental Floss 50 M

Capitano Dental Floss removes plaque and food particles between the teeth.
In addition to removing dental plaque, which helps protect against gum disorders and tooth decay.
Unlike a toothbrush that cleans only exposed surfaces, dental floss cleans areas and spaces between teeth that cannot be reached by brushing to ensure maximum dental hygiene.

Active ingredients:
Microcrystalline Wax

• Capitano Dental Floss works to clean the teeth and remove food residues between the teeth and dental plaque.
• Capitano dental floss helps prevent gum disorders and tooth decay.
• Helps to reach the places and spaces between the teeth that are difficult to reach using the toothbrush.

How to use:
1. Wrap about 40 cm of floss around your middle finger, hold the floss between your thumb and forefinger fingers and pull tight.
2. Gently floss between your teeth, starting from the back molars to the front teeth.
3. When the floss meets the gum line, pull laterally to form a letter 'C' at the tooth.
4. move between pushing and pulling up and down, then move to a new area and oppositely repeat on the tooth before moving on to the next teeth.
5. Throw away the floss after you're done with it.

Point of interest:
• Dental floss size: 50 M
• Gentle on the gums.
• It is recommended to use Capitano Dental Floss before using the toothbrush.
• It is recommended to use floss at least once a day.

Made in:

50 m

Store at room temperature
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