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Pasta Del Capitano Mouth Spray Mint Flavor 15 ml Cap

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Mouth spray that gives you fresh and good breath

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Pasta Del Capitano Mouth Spray Mint Flavor 15 ml Cap

Capitano Mouth Spray with fresh mint flavor always ensures fresh and good breath.
It contains active ingredients that guarantee clean and good breath such as:
Propolis: helps reduce bacterial fermentation.
Sulfetal Zn: is a derivative of zinc with antibacterial properties that helps freshen the breath.
Cool mint: is able to ensure a feeling of immediate and long-lasting freshness.
Capitano Mouth Spray is gas-, alcohol- and sugar-free and carries out an effective and preventive action against halitosis.

Active ingredients:
Propolis, Sulfetal Zn, Cool mint

• Capitano Mouth Spray provides fresh and good breath.
• Reduces oral bacteria.
• Long-lasting freshness.

How to use:
Use Capitano mouth spray 2-3 times for fresh breath and a clean mouth.

Points of interest:
• Keep away from the reach of children.
• Avoid eye contact.

Made in:

15 ml

Store at room temperature
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