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Pasta Del Capitano Orthodontic Soft Toothbrush With Cover 1 Pc

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A soft toothbrush for the mouth and gums hygiene during the installation of the orthodontic device

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Pasta Del Capitano Orthodontic Soft Toothbrush With Cover 1 Pc 

The Capitano toothbrush is designed to take care of the cleanliness of the teeth and gums during the installation period of the orthodontic device.
The chances of dental plaque and gingivitis increase during this period.
Capitano Orthodontic toothbrush has a small head that is angled slightly to reach hard-to-reach places such as behind the teeth and above and below the braces.
It has soft, high-efficiency bristles for maximum dental cleaning without harming gums or tooth enamel.
The perfect design of the brush handle makes it easy to use and control for maximum benefit.
Especially for its role in the prevention of tooth decay and gingivitis through the removal of dental plaque and food residues stuck behind the teeth and the orthodontic device.
It has a cover to protect it from bacteria and external contaminants to avoid cross infection.

• The Capitano toothbrush effectively cleans hard-to-reach places.
• Capitano Ortho Toothbrush protects the teeth from decay and the gums from infection.
• It works to remove food residues stuck to the orthodontic device.
• Maintains oral and dental hygiene above and below the orthodontic device.

How to use:
• Use a Capitano Orthodontic toothbrush after every meal to get rid of food particles.

Point of interest:
• Oral hygienists recommend changing the brush every three months of use, even if it appears to be in good condition.
• It is recommended to brush the teeth for a period ranging from three minutes.
• Be sure to visit the dentist once every 6 months.
• Wash your toothbrush before and after use.

Made in:

One Pieces

Store at room temperature
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