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Perlamar E.D Shampoo Anti Hair Loss 250Ml 75080

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Give your hair proper nourishment, shine and vitality with effective natural ingredients



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Perlamar E.D Shampoo Anti hair loss - 250 ml

• With Perlamar shampoo, give your hair proper nourishment, shine, and vitality with effective natural ingredients.
• It works to rebuild hair fibers and keep them from falling and splitting.
• It contains olive oil with caffeine, which in turn stimulates blood circulation to reach the maximum amount of nutrition for the scalp and hair.

• The perfect shampoo for daily use.
• Strengthens hair from its roots and protects against frizz.
• Supports the proper growth of hair.

How To Use:
• Use daily on wet hair with a massage, leave for two minutes, then wash well with water.
• It is preferable to use it with the conditioner intended for it.

All Ingredients:
olive oil .

How To Storage :
room temperature.

Made In:

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