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Perlamar Unique Mask 50 ml

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A mask used to rejuvenate and purify pale and dull skin to enhance its vitality and health.



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Perlamar Unique Mask 50 ml

Perlamar Unique Mask is designed to rejuvenate dull, tired, and stressed skin, enriched with a blend of ingredients that promote skin health and vitality.
The mask features Coenzyme Q10 known for its ability to revitalize the skin, leaving it looking vibrant and healthy.
With its anti-aging properties, Coenzyme Q10 helps diminish wrinkles and fine lines, restoring a youthful complexion.
Additionally, Perlamar Unique Mask includes jojoba oil, squalene oil, and sweet almond oil, nourishing the skin and providing protection against oxidative stress.

Active ingredients:
Coenzyme Q10, Caviar Extract, Jojoba Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Squalane Oil.

• Perlamar mask purifies the skin and cleans the pores.
• Effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
• Perlamar mask adds vitality and freshness to dull and tired skin.
• Prevents the breakdown of collagen and elastin, which improves skin elasticity.

How to use:
• Apply Perlamar Unique Skin Energizer Mask on the face, neck, and décolleté and leave it for 15 minutes.
• Remove the mask with a moist compress or cosmetic sponge.
• Use Perlamar Unique Skin Energizer Mask 1 - 2 times a week.

Beauty Tips:
• For best results use with Perlamar Unique products.

Made in:

50 ml

Store at room temperature
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