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Pharmaceris F Intense Fluid Foundation SPF 20 - 01 Ivory 30 ml

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A Fluid Foundation intended for sensitive skin with a multi-features, it provides the skin with deep and long-lasting coverage and hydration.



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Pharmaceris F Intense Fluid Foundation SPF 20 - 01 Ivory 30 ml
• Pharmaceris provide you with a long-lasting liquid foundation with multi-features that gives your skin a high coverage, SPF +20.
• In addition to providing your skin with deep hydration to protect it from any cracks or dryness.
• With an effective formula rich in Honeysuckle flower extract, Sodium hyaluronate, and vitamin B3.
• Pharmaceris F Intense Fluid Foundation is an effective mixture that works to provide intense coverage that lasts for about 10 hours, giving your skin a uniform, homogeneous and balanced color.
in addition to its effectiveness in concealing skin imperfections, which include skin pigmentation and freckles and conceals pimples and scars resulting from acne, conceals redness of the skin.
• The presence of sodium hyaluronate and vitamin B3 contributed to the formation of a thin layer that protects skin cells from dehydration, and water loss and maintains skin moisture.
• Vitamin B3 and milk thistle both are protecting skin cells from damage caused by exposure to harmful sunlight and ultraviolet rays.
• It rejuvenates damaged cells while enhancing the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.

Active ingredients:
Honeysuckle flower extract, Sodium hyaluronate, Vitamin B3, Milk thistle.

Pharmaceris F Intense Fluid Foundation SPF 20:
• Protects skin against UV waves ad sunburn.
• Moisturizing the skin.
• Provides a uniform, balanced skin tone.
• Hiding skin imperfections such as redness, and acne scars.

How to use:
• Spread fluid evenly on the skin.
• Allow absorbing.

Point of interest:
• Color: 01-Ivory.
• Does not clog pores and does not create a mask effect.
• Light and gentle formula on the skin.
• Dermatologically tested.
• It has long-lasting efficacy.
• SPF 20+.

Made in:

30 ml.

Store at room temperature.
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