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Pharmaceris H Nutrimelin Shampoo 250 ml

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Shampoo with nourishing ingredients, Helps restore vitality and smoothness to damaged, brittle hair.



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Pharmaceris H Nutrimelin Shampoo 250 ml For Damaged Hair
• Hair always needs the care to maintain its attractiveness and vitality, Nutrimelin shampoo developed by pharmaceris especially for dry color-treated, bleached, permed, or over-styled hair to restore its vitality and smoothness.
• It is composed of a potent blend of D-panthenol, Honey extract, and Glucam.
• Honey extract has a bacteriostatic and softening effect, helps restore natural softness to your hair, As well as nourishes the hair, replenishing moisture and smoothing out the hair shafts.
• Emollients boost lipid levels in the hair to maintain their moisture.
• Suitable to use for men and women.

Active ingredients:
Honey extract, Fito-hydrator, D-panthenol, Glycerin.

Pharmaceris H Nutrimelin Shampoo:
• Effective result in the treatment of split ends.
• Reduces hair tangles.
• Deep Cleansing of Hair.
• Protects hair from losing its moisture.

How to use:
• Apply the shampoo to wet hair.
• Rub it into the scalp until it forms a foam.
• Leave it on for 1-2 minutes and then rinse it well with water.
• Repeats as necessary.

Point of interest:
• Recommended for dry, brittle, chemically treated, or over-styled hair.
• Suitable for men and women.
• Dermatologically tested.
• If shampoo gets in your eyes, rinse them with water right away.

Made in:

250 ml.

Store at room temperature.
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