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Pharmaclinix Acnex Peel Mask 50 ml

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An peeling mask to clean skin and purify the pores As it helps to treat acne and its effects of pigmentation and scars and regulating sebum secretions



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Pharmaclinix Acnex Peel Mask 50 ml For Acne

Pharmaclinix Acnex Peel mask is a treatment mask rich in exfoliants, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories properties, used to help treat acne and cleanse skin deeply.
Acnex mask exfoliates the skin and stimulates its regeneration by removing dead cells.
It also works to improve the appearance of the skin and get rid of acne effects such as dark spots and superficial scars.
Acnex Peel mask also contributes to the regulation of sebum secretions, which reduces skin shine.

• Glycolic acid removes dead skin cells, cleans closed pores, and gets rid of accumulated oils, which treats clogged skin pores.
It also treats pimples and pimples and prevents the appearance of new ones.
• Azelaic acid has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and works to reduce sebum secretion.
In addition to its effective role in reducing melanin production to get rid of dark spots caused by acne.
• Salicylic acid, which has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, helps remove dead cells and supports skin regeneration.
In addition to its ability to treat acne and reduce its effects.
• Phytic acid has antioxidant effects and lightens skin pigmentation.
• Tocopheryl acetate has antioxidant properties.

Active ingredients:
Glycolic acid, Azelaic acid, Salicylic acid, Phytic Acid, Tocopheryl acetate

•Acnex Peel Mask works to deeply cleanse pores and skin and get rid of accumulated oils and dirt.
• Treats acne, Inflamed acne and flat scars.
• Acnex peeling mask helps to rejuvenate the skin.
• lighten pigmentation and dark spots.
• Improves the appearance of superficial wrinkles.
• Acnex peeling mask gives you clear and vibrant skin.
• Treats damaged skin damaged by the sun.

How to use:
• Apply Pharmaclinix Acnex Peel Mask to clean dry skin.
• Leave on for 3 minutes and then rinse with warm water.
• It is recommended to use a sun protection with spf at least 50 when going outside.

Points of interest:
• Avoid Pharmaclinix Acnex Peel Mask around the eye area.
• Keep the Acnex Peel Mask out of the reach of children

Made in: United Kingdom.

Quantity: 50 ml.

Store at room temperature.
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