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Pharmaclinix Lightenex Gold Cream 30 ml

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Cream works to unify the skin tone and combat hyperpigmentation



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Pharmaclinix Lightenex Gold Cream 30 ml To lighten skin

Gold Cream with a unique formula from Pharma Clinics that contains lightening agents, acidic exfoliants, and antioxidants, specially designed for dark skin and suitable for all skin types except sensitive skin.
A powerful lightening cream for severe melasma and hyperpigmentation, it provides mild exfoliation and evens skin tone in 21 days.
Trials have shown their ability to reduce melanin and pigmentation levels by up to 80% after 12 weeks of use.
Alpha and Beta Arbutin , Niacinamide, Vitamin C , Vitamin E , Licorice, Kojic acid, Azelaic acid, Lactic acid, Vitamin A

It contains a wide range of active ingredients:
• Kojic acid and phytic acid exfoliate and lighten the skin.
• Alpha and Beta Arbutin are two plant extracts that lighten the skin.
• Azelaic acid reduces pigmentation and dark spots.
• Lactic acid is a gentle exfoliator that promotes skin renewal.
• Retinol (Vitamin A) has antioxidant properties and works to lighten pigmentation and dark spots.
• Niacinamide, works to lighten the skin.
• Licorice to lighten the skin.
• Vitamin E and Vitamin C have antioxidant effects that give you fresh and youthful skin with even skin tone.

Active ingredients:
Alpha and Beta Arbutin , Niacinamide, Vitamin C , Vitamin E , Licorice, Kojic acid, Azelaic acid, Lactic acid, Vitamin A

• Gold cream hyperpigmentation and severe melasma.
• Promotes skin cell regeneration.
• Gold Cream evens skin tone.
• Has antioxidant properties.

How to use:
• Lightenex Gold Pharmaclinix Cream is applied to clean skin and then washed off with warm water after half an hour.
• It is recommended to use a moisturizer with sun protection when going out.

Points of interest:
• Gold Cream may cause a tingling sensation, but it fades after 5 minutes.
• The use of Gold Cream may be accompanied by superficial redness or peeling of the skin, but it disappears within a week.
• During your use of Pharmaclinix Gold Cream, you will notice some changes in the color of the skin, as it will appear darker, but it will return to its color after 3-4 weeks.
• Avoid the eye area.
• It is recommended to keep Lightenex Gold Cream from Pharmaclinix out of the reach of children.
• It is not used for pregnant women.

Made in: United Kingdom

Quantity: 30 ml

Store at room temperature

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