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Pigeon Breast Pump Plastic 1'S

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It helps improve breast milk lactation and help in emptying breasts of excess milk



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Pigeon Breast Pump Plastic 1'S 

Pigeon Breast Pump with plastic Shield is the perfect tool for comfortable breastfeeding.

It improves breast milk lactation by activating the mammary glands as well as helps in emptying breasts of excess milk.

It stimulates lactation by fully extracting remaining breast milk, which eventually increases milk production.

It can also be used to draw out nipples and it makes it perfect for mothers with inverted or flat nipples.

• Improves breast milk lactation.
• Activate the mammary glands of the mother.
• Emptying breasts from excess milk.
• Help draw out nipples.

How to use:
Place the shield around the nipple.
Press bulb and release to express milk.

Points of interest:
• High heat resistance up to 120 ℃
• Breastmilk collected using this product should not be fed to the baby.
• Remove and clean all parts before using the product for the first time and after every use.

Made in: Malaysia.

Quantity: 1 Pcs.

Store at room temperature.
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