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Pigeon Feeding Dish

2.050 KD

Feeding dish with a spoon for feeding the baby at any time and in any place



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Pigeon Feeding Dish 
Pigeon baby feeding dish is designed to be held easily to feed 6+ months .
It is made for simple handling, the spoon clips snugly onto the inside of the cover.
The size is convenient for feeding at any time and in any place, it comes with well-crafted mashing dots to grind food.
The lid keeps the items sterile and hygienic and they can easily be stored in the refrigerator.

• Makes it easier to feed the baby.
• Helps to store the food in a healthy way.
• Can be used at any time and in any place

How to use:
Use as needed.

Points of interest:
• 6+ Months.
• Feeding spoon included.
• Do not use feeding dish in the oven, microwave, toaster, or stove.

Made in: Thailand.

Quantity: 1 Pcs.

Store at room temperature.
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