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Pigeon Nose Cleaner

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It clears mucus from the baby’s nose safely, cleans the nose, and increases airflow



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Pigeon Nose Cleaner 

Pigeon baby nose cleanser is a handy product that clears mucus from a baby’s nose safely and does not irritate the baby’s mucous membranes.
It helps to remove mucus build-up to relieve a blocked nose, reduce the risk of contagion, and increase airflow which provides peaceful sleep for the baby.
It has a squeezable silicone pump that makes it easy to use and easy to clean.

• Removes mucus build up.
• Relieves blocked nose.
• Reduces the risk of contagion.
• Increases airflow.
• Provides peaceful sleep for the baby.

How to use:
Hold the baby securely while using.
Compress the rubber pump before inserting the nozzle into the baby’s nostril.
While the soft nozzle is inserted in the baby's nostril, never compress the rubber pump. It has to be compressed before inserting it into the baby’s nostril.
Suction slowly and adjust as needed.

Points of interest:
• 0+ Months.
• Always keep your baby in your arms when using the cleaner.
• Remove and clean all parts after every use.
• It comes with a cap for hygienic storage.

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Quantity: 1 Pcs

Store at room temperature
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