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Pigeon Peristaltic Silicone Nipple 'L' +7 Months 1'S

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Flexible and elastic silicone nipples for +7 months



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Pigeon Peristaltic Silicone Nipple 'L' +7 Months 1'S 

Pigeon Silicone Nipples for +7 months (L) are made by using premium silicone material which makes it much more flexible and elastic.
It is super soft to encourage the natural sucking motion of the baby and it doesn't break or collapse because of its increased elasticity.
The air ventilation system (AVS) ensures that the milk easily glides down the baby’s mouth.

• Makes it easier to feed the baby.

How to use:
Place the nipple inside the cap.

Points of interest:
• +7 Months.
• (L) Fast flow nipple.
• Slim neck bottle.
• Wash and sterilize after every use.
• Change the nipple when it is damaged.

Made in:

1 Pcs

Store at room temperature
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