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Pigeon Plastic Bottle +4 Months 240 ml

2.405 KD

Plastic baby bottle for +4 months, it's an easy way to feed the baby



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Pigeon Plastic Bottle +4 Months 240 ml

Pigeon Plastic Bottle for +4 months, is designed to encourage the baby’s natural tongue movement.

It also prevents colic by reducing gas intake using the air ventilation system ( AVS ) that ensures that the milk easily glides down the baby’s mouth.

It is designed to be held easily and is made up of high-quality durable material.

• Easily feed the baby.

How to use:
Feed your baby the formula after cooling it to approximately body temperature.

Points of interest:
• +4 Months.
• (M) Round hole nipple.
• Slim neck bottle.
• Wash and sterilize all parts after every use.
• Change the nipple when it is damaged.

Made in:

240 ml

Store at room temperature
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