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President Defense Emulsified Mouthwash With Hexetidine 250 ml

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Mouthwash helps to get rid of bacteria that causes bad breath and periodontitis.

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President Defense Emulsified Mouthwash With Hexetidine 250 ml
President Defense Emulsified Mouthwash helps to eliminate bad breath.
It contains Hexetidine which has anti-microbial and antibacterial action.
Propolis: kills bacteria that may cause gum diseases.
Cetylpyridinium chloride: Has an antimicrobial effect, and reduces plaque and gingivitis.

Active ingredients:
Hexetidine, Propolis, Cetylpyridinium chloride, Thyme.

• President Defense Mouthwash ensures oral hygiene.
• It protects gums.
• President Defense Mouthwash has anti-bacterial action.

How to use:
Rinse mouth for about 40 seconds, with 20 ml of President Defense Emulsified Mouthwash using the measuring cap.
Repeat twice daily, morning and evening, after teeth cleaning.

Points of interest:
• Don’t swallow.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Don't forget to visit your dentist every six months.
• It is recommended to brush your teeth before using the mouthwash.

Made in:

250 ml.

Store at room temperature.
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