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Pritty Grooming Razor 3'S

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Pritty razor for shaving facial hair, eyebrows, and sensitive areas

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Pritty Grooming Razor 3'S

• Pritty Grooming Razor is thin and ideal for shaving eyebrows, shaving facial hair, and sensitive areas.
• Grooming Razor Designed for a sensitive, soothing, comfortable shave
• Each package contains three different razors color per pack.

• Pritty Razor Used to shave facial hair, sensitive areas, and eyebrows.

How to use:
• Always clean your face before hair removal to avoid clogging your pores.
• Hold the razor blade at a 45-degree angle. Pull the skin tight so that it glides gently over the skin.
• For the center of your eyebrows: Go from top to bottom in the center of your eyebrows.
• For the sides of your eyebrows: Go in the opposite direction of hair growth on either side of your eyebrows.
• For other parts: just pull the skin firmly and move gently from top to bottom.
• It is recommended to massage a small amount of a cooling and soothing moisturizer such as aloe vera gel into the skin after shaving.

• Do not wipe the blade edge or touch it with your hands, which may impact the blade's performance.
• Lather up with shave gel, cleansing cream or soap be careful not to slip hands.
• Do not use it if you have skin problems.
• Clean the razor head by dipping the head only in cold water (Do not dip the handle in water).
• Be careful when using the blade.

Made in:

3 Piece

Store at room temperature.
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