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Pyralvex Solution 10 ml

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Topical solution treat sore gums and mouth ulcers

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Pyralvex Solution 10 ml For mouth ulcers
Pyralvex Solution contains Anthraquinone glycosides and Salicylic acid.
The anthraquinone glycosides relieve inflammation and salicylic acid is an analgesic, which helps relieve pain.
Anthraquinone glycosides and Salicylic acid is used to relieve pain associated with mouth ulcers and denture irritation.
Pyralvex Solution is to be administered only to adults and children over 6 years of age due to its high alcohol content.

Active ingredients:
Anthraquinone glycosides , Salicylic acid, , ,

• Pyralvex solution is used to treat and prevent sore gums and mouths ulcers.
• Reduce inflammations symptoms: pain, redness, swelling, etc.

How to use:
Apply an adequate amount of Pyralvex Solution directed to the ulcer several times daily.

Side effects:
Pyralvex Solution may cause:
• Burning feeling can occur when is used.
• Temporary discoloration of the teeth.

Warnings and precautions:
Avoid using Pyralvex Solution if:
• Children or adolescents under the age of 16 years.
• Reye’s syndrome.
• Allergic (hypersensitive) to Anthraquinone glycosides or salicylic acid or any of the other ingredients of this medication.
• Rinsing your mouth or eating for 15 minutes after using it.
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Made in:
Saudi Arabia.

10 ml

Store at room temperature.

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