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Qv Egozite Baby Cream 50 g

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Cream protects and rehydrates delicate skin against nappy rash



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Qv Egozite Baby Cream 50 g

Qv Egozite Baby Cream is soothing, the rich formula helps protect delicate skin against nappy rash.
It forms a barrier shield to the baby’s skin from water, detergents, chemicals, and other irritants.
Qv Egozite Baby Cream is great for moisturizing skin and helping to protect against infant facial rash, eczema, heat rash, and chafing.

Active ingredients:

Zinc Oxide, Propyl paraben, Panthenol


• Long-lasting moisturizing and protecting the skin.
• QV Egozite cream helps to rehydrate skin and prevent moisture loss.

How to use:

At the nappy change, remove wet and soiled nappy and clean the area thoroughly.
Apply a thin layer of QV Egozite Baby Cream to affected skin at every nappy change.
Pay particular attention to ensuring application to the folds of the baby’s skin.

Points of interest:

• Avoid eyes.
• For external use only.
• If irritation occurs, wash the affected area and discontinue the use of QV Egozite cream.

Made in:



50 g

Store at room temperature.
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