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RapidFor SARS Cov-2 Self Rapid Antigen Test 1 Pc

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A COVID nasal swab Test that detects infection with the COVID-19 virus

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RapidFor SARS Cov-2 Self Rapid Antigen Test 1 Pc

RapidFor Home COVID-19 Test is used to detect infection at home via a nasal swab.
As each person can discover his own infection by conducting a home corona examination with ease.
The test takes 15 minutes before you get the result, in addition to giving you accurate results, and it can detect the virus at the beginning of the infection.

The benefits of the COVID-19 Personality Test:
- It is useful for early detection of the COVID-19 virus.
- Provides an easy and quick way to know if you have COVID-19 or not.
- It can be used personally.

How to use the COVID-19 home test:
- Take a nasal swab.
- Place the swab in the solution provided with the test.
- Drip 3 drops of the solution onto the test cassette.
- Wait 15 minutes, then read the result.
- Dispose of tools in the waste bag provided with the kit.

More information:
- The Personality Test for Corona has a validity of 24 months.
- Keep It away from sunlight and light.
- For one-time personal use only.
- Do not use the home test if the packaging is damaged or opened.

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Store at room temperature
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