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Real Techniques Brush Crush V2 - 300 Powder

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A brush with a distinctive design, ideal for applying powder and distributing it symmetrically on the face


Real Techniques

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Real Techniques Brush Crush V2 - 300 Powder

Create a flawless base with the Real Techniques Brush Crush- Powder Brush; a limited edition metallic fluffy brush that will flawlessly apply face powder products with ease.
Spread the powder evenly over your skin to get the perfect finish.
Real Techniques Brush Crush- Powder Brush Made of soft, skin- friendly synthetic bristles, they glide smoothly over your skin, while the large brush head ensures that you can effortlessly cover large areas.

• Set, finish and perfect your makeup with the Real Techniques Brush Crush Powder, a limited edition makeup brush with Ultra Plush synthetic bristles for cruelty- free application.
• Real Techniques brush crush is designed with an arched cut that picks up and delivers the perfect amount of powder, sweeping lightly across the face for a natural, even and professional- looking results.
• Real Techniques brush crush made with high- quality material.

Points Of Interest:
• Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance: Clean real technique brush crush- powder weekly with our Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel and Spray for improved brush performance.

Made in: china.

Quantity: 1 Piece.

Store at room temperature.
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