Relaxon Caps 30'S

Indicated in Painful muscle spasm associated with musculoskeletal conditions

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Relaxon - 30 capsules
Chlorzoxazone + Paracetamol
Relaxon capsule offers quick relief of pain and restores mobility even in severe painful spasms of skeletal muscles.
Relaxon exerts a fast pain relief and it is indicated as an adjunct to rest, physical therapy, and other measures for the relief of discomfort associated with acute, painful musculoskeletal conditions.
• Musculoskeletal pain.
• Myalgia.
• Traumatic muscle damage.
• Arthritis.
Active Ingredient:
Chlorzoxazone , Paracetamol , , ,
Side effects:
• Bloody or black, tarry stools or clay-colored stools
• Decreased appetite
• Difficulty swallowing
• Fast heartbeat
• Hives
• Itching

• Hypersensitivity to any Components of the medication.
• Avoid in patients with liver disease.

• Alcohol.
• Alprazolam.
• Atorvastatin.
• Cetirizine.
• Codeine.
• Diazepam.
• Diphenhydramine.
• Esomeprazole.
How to use:
Adult: two capsules 3 times daily, which may be variable depending on the doctor's prescription.
Dosage Form:
30 Caps
Stores at room temperature
Made in:
Saudi Arabia
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