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Reparil Gel 100 g

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Topical gel relieves swelling, relieves pain, and reduces fluid buildup

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Reparil Gel 100 g For Bruising

Reparil Gel contain Aescin + dimethylamine salicylate.
Aescin & dimethylamine salicylate are special formulation in an alcohol base with a threefold action, reduce fluid accumulation, anti-swelling and pain relieving.

Active ingredients:
Aescin, Diethylamine salicylate.

Reparil Gel is used to relieve the symptoms of pain associated with superficial soft tissue injuries, such as some sports injuries, and provides temporary relief from minor aches, stiffness or rheumatism and muscle pain.

How to use:
A thin layer of Reparil Gel should be applied to the skin over the affected area several times daily.

Side effects of Reparil Gel:
• Skin irritation
• burning or stinging sensation

• broken skin, mucous membrane or skin areas exposed to radiotherapy.
• should not come into contact with eyes.
• patients taking warfarin
• wounds or damaged skin.
• Reparil Gel should no longer be used after expiry date.

Interaction of Reparil Gel:
• warfarin, excessive application onto the skin for muscle or joint pains may increase the chances of bleeding.

Quantity: 100 g

Store at room temperature
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