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Reparil 40 Tabs For Bruising

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Tablets used to treat local swelling and inflammation resulting from injuries

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Reparil 40 Tabs For Bruising

Reparil tablets contain Aescin.

Aescin is Anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory and is used to treat local swelling and congestion caused by injuries.

Active ingredients:
Aescin, Diethylamine salicylate

Reparil tablets used for:
• Swelling following injuries
• Headaches following concussion
• Supportive treatment in cases of tendinitis
• Continuing Reparil treatment initiated intravenously

How to use:
Adult: two tablets of Reparil tablets three times daily.

Side effects of Reparil tablets:
• Disturbance of gastric or intestinal function.
• Urticaria may arise in isolated cases

• Hypersensitivity to the active ingredients or any drug other ingredients.
• kidney problems or kidney failure.

Interactions of reparil:
• Anticoagulants

40 Tabs

Store at room temperature
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