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Rossmax Heating Pad 30*40 cm for muscles pain

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Easy and safe device to provide you with warmth, pain relief and relaxation



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Rossmax Heating Pad 30*40 cm

Heating Pad from Rossmax works by Heat therapy to provide you warmth, pain relief, and relaxation.
Heat therapy provides both pain relief and healing benefits for many types of pain.
It helps relieve muscle pain and stiffness, arthritis pain, and abdominal pain, and it is very useful for women during their menstrual periods to overcome pain, it could be also used to warm your bed for restful sleep.
Rossmax Heating Pads offer 4 constant and selective heat levels.
It is very safe to use due to the three safety levels and the automatic switch-off after 90 mins. It is covered with a cozy, removable, and washable cover which makes it safer and more comfortable to hold and use.

• Relieves muscle pain.
• To overcome menstrual periods pain
• Soothes abdominal pain.
• To get warm.

How to use:
• Plug the unit into the main outlet.
• Press the ON/OFF button and display the temperature at 1 setting. After a few minutes, you will be able to feel the pad getting noticeably warmer.
• If you require a higher temperature setting, continuously press the Temperature selection button and the displayed temperature circulates from 1 to 4 selections. Setting 1 is recommended for continuous use.
• The heating pad will switch off automatically and the LED indicator will light up after approx. 90 minutes of continuous use.
• Unplug the unit from the main outlet once you have finished using it.
• Never use the pad without the fabric cover.

Points of interest:
• It has a removable and washable cover.
• It has 4 temperature levels.
• The size: Regular size 30 x 40 cm.
• Never use the pad without the fabric cover.
• Do not use if wet.

How to store:
Stores at room temperature

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