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Rossmax Piston Nebulizer NL100

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An electric nebulizer is used in the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases by increasing the breathing rate and opening the airways

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Rossmax Piston Nebulizer NL100

- Rossmax Piston compressor nebulizer has a compact and efficient design.
- Intended for use in the treatment of asthma, COPD, and other respiratory ailments in which aerosolized medication is required during therapy.

- MMAD ≤ 3.8 μm
- Fine Particle Dose (FPD): 70~75%
- Nebulization Rate ≥ 0.20 ml/min
- Its uniform particle size and accuracy allow for efficient respiratory treatment
- Angled mouthpieces and masks for adults and children are included.
- The box Includes an air tube, air filters, and an instruction manual.

• Rossmax nebulizer effectively relieves respiratory diseases.
• Easy and simple to use.
• Fast.
• Safe to use.
• Ideal for all ages

How to use:
Follow the inserted instructions of the product.
Use the medication as directed by the doctor.

Points of interest:
• Suitable for all ages.
• There are two pieces suitable for nebulizing by mouth or nose.
• To avoid electrical shock:
- Keep the unit away from water, Do not handle the device with wet hands, Do not immerse the unit in liquid, and do not use it while bathing.
- If the device has fallen into the water immediately unplug the unit.
• The maximum capacity of the medication cup is 6ml and should not be overfilled.
• Read the leaflet before using the product.
• Keep out of the children.

Made in:

1 Pc ( Comprosser nebulizer + air tube + air filter)

Store at room temperature
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