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Rybelsus 14mg Tablet 30'S

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RYBELSU is a new medication for adults with type 2 diabetes

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Product Description:
RYBELSUS is a new diabetes tablet that works similarly to a natural hormone called GLP-1, which is released from the body after eating. It helps patients reduce their blood sugar level when it is too high, and helps them reduce weight.

Active ingrediant:

Direction to use:
Take rybelsus exactly as perscribed by your doctor and follow all directions on yours prescrption label and read all medication guides or instruction sheets
your dector may occasionally change your dose
use the medicine exactly as directed

Patients should take RYBELSUS on an empty stomach, as any kind of food,
beverage, or oral medication may compromise absorption
Patients should swallow the tablet whole , If patients split, crush, or chew the tablet, it may not work properly

Take with a sip of water(no more than 120 mL)
Wait at least 30 minutes before eating,drinking , or taking any other oral medication

Start with 3 mg once daily for 1 month. This gives your body a chance to get used to the medicine
increase dose to 7 mg once daily for at least 1 month
Based on individual needs, your doctor may decide to increase your dose to 14 mg

RYBELSUS® may cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.
The most common side effects observed in clinical trials were nausea, diarrhoea, and vomiting,
with 15%, 10%, and 7% of patients, respectively, reporting 1 or more incidences.
Most events were mild to moderate in severity and of short duration.

Store in the original blister card to protect the tablet from moisture and light until ready to
take. RYBELSUS® should be stored below 30ºC

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