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Sidcof HF Syrup 150 ml

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Syrup helps treat both of productive and dry cough and relieve symptoms associated with them

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Sidcof HF Syrup 150 ml

Sidcof HF Syrup is enriched with honey extracts.

It treats both dry cough and productive, as it dissolves and removes mucus from the bronchial passages and lungs.

Especially for its role in calming the irritation of the mucous membrane and bronchospasm associated with coughing, giving you relief.

Active ingredients:
Honey Extract.

• Sidcof HF Syrup helps remove tracheal irritants.
• Sidcof Syrup relieves mucous secretions.
• It relieves cough.
• Helps to get rid of phlegm.

How to use:
Follow the instructions that come with the cough syrup package, or take it as directed by your doctor.

Points of interest:
• Discontinue take Sidcof HF Syrup if allergic reactions occur or worsen the conditions after use.
• Avoid use if allergic to the active ingredients or any other drug contents.
• Keep out of the children.
• Do not use Sidcof HF Syrup more than recommended dose.

Quantity: 150 ml.

Store at room temperature.
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