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Slimo Caps 90'S

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Capsules that help lose weight by burning fat and enhancing the feeling of satiety to look more fit

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Slimo Caps 90'S

Slimo capsules, rich in vitamins and natural extracts, work together to solve the problem of obesity and promote weight loss to look more slender and energetic.
Slimo capsules consist of:
Garcinia Cambogia Extract and Guarana: It inhibits fat storage and stimulates fat burning, which contributes to weight loss in addition to its vital role in suppressing appetite.
Acai Berry Extract: Rich in fiber that promotes weight loss by reducing food cravings, which promotes loss of appetite in addition to its role in preventing the accumulation of harmful fats in the body.
Chromium: stimulates the conversion of fats into energy in the body and reduces carbohydrates, thus giving you a feeling of satiety for a long time.
Vitamin B12: Supports the vital processes of the body, enhances the levels of metabolism, and supplies the body with energy and vitality.

Active ingredients:
Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Acai Berry Extract, Guarana Extract, Chromium, Vitamin B12

Slimo capsules enhance the feeling of satiety.
Help to lose weight.
Slimo capsules stimulate fat burning.
It provides the body with energy and vitality.

How to use:
Take 2 capsules of Slimo Capsules once a day or as directed by your physician.

Point of interest:
Don't exceed the recommended dose of Slimo capsules.
Keep out of reach of children.
Pregnant or nursing mothers and children under 18 consult a physician before using slimo capsules.

Made in: USA.

Quantity: 90 Capsules.

Store at room temperature.
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