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Space Star Portable Cold Fogger

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Space Star Portable Cold Fogger

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Space Star Portable Cold Fogger

Disinfection machine ULV Fogger model Space Star is produced in Turkey by our company, WhiteFog.

WhiteFog® brand continues to be a leader in the production of sanitizer machines since 1989.

 We offer 30+ years of experience in engineering, customer relations, and worldwide sales to our trade partners.                               

All our sanitizer machines are manufactured in compliance with the criteria of the World Health Organization

ULV fogger disinfection machine Space Star is used in multiple areas. (1) For disinfection and sterilization purposes. It is a great tool for fighting against the Covid-19 virus, the world’s actual agenda

A particle, sprayed with The Space Star sanitizer machine, has a diameter of 15µm. This extremely small micron diameter ensures a superior success in the disinfection activity. With this machine, sprayed particles suspend in the air for a longer time. Additionally, particles have a higher chance of coming in contact with and eliminating the virus.



Motor Voltage

220V AC – 50/60Hz

Motor Power

1900 W.


1 ULV Nozzle


6 Lt. (Polyethylene)

Formulation Consumption

0 – 350 ML. / Min. (Adjustable flow rate)

Droplet Size

15µm – 50µm (Adjustable with flow rate)


Manuel valve

Cord Length

3 Mt.


2.9 Kg.


50cm x 15cm x 28cm ( L x W x H )

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