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Tonimer Nasal Normal Spray 125 mL

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Sterile isotonic seawater to clean nasal passages daily use

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Tonimer Saline Normal -125ml Nasal Spray

Tonimer Lab Normal Spray is sterile seawater, isotonic nasal saline spray, that can be used as a daily hygiene process, to flush and irrigate the nasal passage and remove all the incrusted materials and thick mucus, which will help to relieve all the cold and flu and nasal congestion symptoms, and breath easily.
It repairs nasal dryness leaving the skin smoother and rougher. It guarantees the well-being of the nostrils, repairs skin damage, and visibly improves breathing.

Active ingredients:
Sea water 100% natura.

• Gently cleanses the nose and eliminates impurities (dust, fine pollution particles, mucus, allergens)
• Moisturizes and restores the natural moisture of the nasal mucosa (heating, air conditioning)
• Prevents ENT disorders (colds, otitis) by reinforcing the nasal mucosa’s defenses
• Improves breathing to facilitate a good sleep
• Used by breathing therapists in the treatment of bronchitis
• Prevents colds

How to use:
Use as directed, several times a day, if necessary or according to medical advice lean over a washbasin, to keep one’s head tilted to a side, and to insert the nozzle in the nostril that is in the higher position.
Press on the nozzle until the product is sprayed. Repeat the same procedure with the other nostril.
After use, clean and dry the nozzle and close the pack through its special plu.

• Nose injury or has recently had nasal surgery.

Made in:

125 mL

Store at room temperature
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