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Tyrosur Powder 20 g

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A topical powder used to treat infected wounds by fighting bacterial cell membranes

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Tyrosur Powder 20 g

Topical Tyrosur powder is used to treat infected wounds on the body.
Where Tyrosur works to control bacterial growth in the affected area.
The germ cell membrane is disrupted to control the germs that grow in the area.
The powder contains the topical antibiotic tyrothricin.

Active ingredients:

The benefits of Tyrosur Powder:
- It is used to treat inflammation of the gastric mucosa.
- Cleanses inflamed wounds.

How to use Tyrosur powder:
Apply the powder once or twice a day on infected wounds.

More information:
- Keep the powder out of reach of children.
- Close the packaging tightly after use.
- Consult a doctor before use, if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Made in:

20 g

Store at room temperature
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