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Varixinal Tabs 30'S

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Dietary supplement that maintains healthy blood circulation in veins and lower limb of the leg

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Varixinal - 30 Tabs

Varixinal is a dietary supplement that contains natural active substances which support the proper functioning of the dead. It reduces swelling, reduces the feeling of gravity, Varicose veins, and healthy legs.
Varixinal Tabs consist of natural plant extracts to keep the feet in good shape. Extract of horse chestnut reduces the feeling of heavy legs and Varicose veins.
Ascena maintains blood circulation, lymphatic venous and affects the elasticity of blood vessels.
Butcher’s broom reduces the swelling of the lower limbs with Asian pennywort helps venous circulation and cares about the condition of the vessels.
Blueberry supports the formation of connective tissue and maintains the elasticity of the veins.
Varixinal is recommended for people with symptoms of improper blood circulation in the legs, such as a feeling of heaviness and gravity, Varicose veins.

Active ingredients:
Extract of horse chestnut , Ascena extract , Butcher’s broom extract, Asian pennywort extract , Blueberry

• Treats Varicose veins
• Reduces feeling of heaviness and gravity
• reduces and treats swelling in the lower limb
• Provides healthy leg

How to use:
recommended dose one Tabs a day. Or depending on a doctor's directions.

Points of interest:
• Do not exceed the recommended dose.
• It may cause abdominal problems like upset stomach, diarrhea, and vomiting.
• Should be avoided if any hypersensitivity to any of plant extracts existing in drug.
• This product contains soybeans for away use in any sensitivity to this substance.
• Avoid use in pregnancy, breastfeeding, children after surgery.
• Avoid use in patients with liver and kidney disease and latex allergy.
• This medicine may increase the risk for bleeding so avoid use in patients with a high risk of bleeding or use anticoagulating drugs.

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Quantity: 30 Tabs

Store at room temperature
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