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Vivocare Electrical Breast Pump

47.000 KD

Expressing milk with an electronic device provides natural feeding for babies

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Vivocare Electrical Breast Pump

The breast milk pump follows the baby's breastfeeding rhythm and helps pump breast milk quickly and comfortably. 

- 10 adjustable speeds.
- Liquid silicone cushion: Give breast massage, stimulating milk exudation.
- Breast shield: Air & milk separated structure, to prevent milk backflow.
- Microcomputer control chip: LCD screen, showing work state.
- Memory function: Save the setting of the last work under standby.
- 2-phase: Stimulation & Expression adjustable to suction & speed.
- Portable: Adapter & battery operated with lanyard and hook design.
- Quiet design, ideal for discreet pumping.
- 8 BPA Free.


1. This product is for personal use, so it should not be used by multiple people for the sake of safety.
2. The power supply must be disconnected from the device after completion.
3. The parts should be installed and disassembled with great care.
4. If some liquid remains inside the cover during the cleaning process, the inner cover must be removed and returned to its place after drying.
5. Before use, it must be ensured that the hose is clean and free of water during use, otherwise it will affect the work and pumping mechanism.
6. It is not permissible to sterilize all parts by using a heating device, microwave, or pressure, and it is not permissible to clean the pumping unit (the main part) by placing it in water.
7. Keep out of reach of children.
8. Expressing breast milk is difficult, so it is recommended to rest the body first and then continue the pumping process.
9. Use high-quality batteries.

1. Controlling the amount of breast pumping, as the device features two suction stages.

2. The alarming speed is fixed. As for the strength of the alarm, it can be changed to nine different degrees.
3. The pumping force and speed can be changed to nine degrees.
4. The speed and strength of absorption can be saved in the memory, and the recorded information can be used for the next time.
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