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Woman Essentials Hydratante Intimate Oil 40 ml

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Deep Moisture Lasting Massage Oil and Intimate Moisturizer


Woman Essentials

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Woman Essentials Hydratante Intimate Oil 40 ml

• Instant well-being and lasting moisture effect. Ideal for addressing severe intimate dryness or discomfort. Does not dry out, and allows continuous deep hydration of the intimate mucous membranes during 72h.

• As a personal lubricant, significantly improves comfort aiding smoother intercourse.

• Specially adapted for moderate to severe intimate dryness from hormonal changes, menopause, medical treatments, and other causes.

• Suitable as a recovery product after laser or intimate rejuvenation procedures. A neutral formula that can be used during gynecological examinations. Medical-grade silicone-based oil.

• High tolerance: a sensorial formula that mimics the body’s natural moisture and creates a long-lasting highly lubricating hydrophobic veil, while improving comfort and vaginal sensitivity.

• Deeply hydrates and regenerates the vaginal mucosa.

• Enriched with emollients and moisturizers, it helps to stimulate the in-depth dermis and the natural production of the Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) – responsible for intimate hydration.

Active ingredients:
silicone-based oil

• An innovative 2-in-1 massage oil and long-lasting intimate moisturizer that will keep you hydrated for 72 hours.
• Ultra-fine texture that won’t dry out, ideal for long sensual massages.
• Non-greasy and non-sticky, it leaves skin soft, beautiful, and silky-smooth.
• Instant well-being and deep moisture: it regenerates the vulvar area and vaginal tissue while stimulating Collagen production.

How To Use:
• As massaging oil or personal lubricant.

Points Of Interest:
• Dermatologically Tested.
• Essentials Hydratante Intimate Oil is ultra-Glide, Non-Sticky.
• Fragrance, Paraben, Colorant, And Preservative Free.

Made in:

40 ml

Store at room temperature
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