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Accumed Digital Thermometer TK120

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A smart electronic thermometer that is used to measure temperature with high accuracy in just 60 seconds

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Accumed Digital Thermometer TK120

- Accumed Digital Thermometer is a safe and effective thermometer that measures temperatures with high accuracy.
- It works in only 60 seconds and displays the results on a screen with an alarm sounding when the temperature measurement is completed.
- The Accumed Thermometer is easy to use as it operates on batteries and has a sign indicating that the batteries are running low.
- The temperature can also be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius, to give you absolute comfort when using it.

Benefits of Accumed thermometer:
- Measures temperature with high accuracy.
- Takes 60 seconds to measure the temperature.
- Features high safety unlike the mercury thermometer.
- Ensure ease and comfort when using.

How to use an Accumed thermometer:
- Follow the instructions on the packaging of the Accumed thermometer.

More information:
- The thermometer features an auto shut-off to save battery charge.
- Make sure to clean the thermometer after each use.
- keep away from the reach of the children.

Made in: Switzerland.

Quantity: one device.

Store at room temperature.
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