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Atache Be Sun High SPF 50 Coloured Face Cream 50 ml

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Tinted Sunscreen cream with SPF 50 that moisturizes the skin and protect it against skin aging

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Atache Be Sun High SPF 50 Coloured Face Cream 50 ml

Atache Be Sun High SPF 50 Face Cream is part of the creative and deluxe ATACHE range 'Be Sun'. It combines the advantages of complete sun protection and preventing premature aging.
A tinted smooth cream that adds a hint of even lightweight color to the skin.
Atache Be Sun High SPF 50 Face Cream acts by forming a layer when it comes in contact with the skin which in turn serves as a defensive barricade to harmful radiation.
This keeps the pores clear and allows the skin to breathe.

The contents of Atache Be Sun High SPF 50 Face Cream:
• Polypodium leucotomos: A fern extract having antioxidant and sunburn-reducing properties
• Thermus thermophilus: Another fern extract used to create a moisturizing film when applied to the skin to add to its hydration
• Laminaria Algae: Aids in the prevention of wrinkles by stimulating collagen fibers and elastic tissue. Keeps skin at a high level of hydration, reducing the inflammation caused by sun exposure

Active ingredients:
Polypodium leucotomos, Thermus thermophilus, Laminaria Algae.

• Atache sunscreen reduces the signs of aging.
• Protects the skin from sunburn.
• Reduce the risk of skin cancer.
• Reduces the appearance of sunspots.
• Atache sun protection moisturizes the skin.
• BB cream: contains an even color that adapts to your skin tone.

Direction of use:
Apply Atache Be Sun High SPF 50 Face Cream to the face when coming in direct contact with the sun.
Repeat application every three hours if the exposure to the sun persists.

More information:
• Atache sunscreen is water and perspiration resistant.
• It has a sun protection factor of 50.
• Dermatologically tested.
• Atache cream is suitable for all skin types.

Made in

50 ml

Store at room temperature
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