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Beesline Instant Bright Micellar Water Fragrance Free 400 ml

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Micellar water that helps to deeply cleanse, lighten skin and remove makeup



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Beesline Instant Bright Micellar Water Fragrance-Free 400 ml

Beesline Micellar Water for deep skin cleansing, for the face, eyes, and lips.
Helps remove face and trace make-up, eye make-up, mascara, and foundation, and prevent the build-up of impurities.
It calms and soothes skin irritation, lightens pigmentation and spots, and evens skin tone thanks to its rich fruit-acid formula.

Active ingredients:

- It deeply cleanses the skin.
- Helps remove makeup from the face, lips, and eyes.
- Opens the skin and unify its color.
- Beesline Micellar Water gives the skin instant illumination and radiance.

How to use:
- Put an appropriate amount of Beesline Micellar Water on a piece of cotton, then distribute it over the face in circular motions.
- It can be washed with water.

Point of interest:
- For external use.
- Suitable for all skin types.

400 ml

Store at room temperature
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