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Bells Hydrogen Peroxide 200 ml

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A wound sterilizer that contains hydrogen peroxide, which eliminates bacteria and germs and prevents the wound infections.

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Bells Hydrogen Peroxide 200 ml

Bells Hydrogen Peroxide is a disinfectant solution used to clean and disinfect minor wounds and injuries.
It helps kill germs and bacteria and protect the wound to reduce the risk of infections.
Bell's Hydrogen Peroxide can be used on wounds, minor burns, and scratches.

Active ingredients:
Hydrogen Peroxide.

Benefits of Bells Hydrogen Peroxide:
- Disinfectants and cleans wounds and scratches.
- Protects wounds from infection.
- Eliminates germs.

How to use hydrogen peroxide from Bells:
- Mix equal amounts of water and the solution, then clean the wound well.
- Continue cleaning until oxygen bubbles appear, then cover the wound with clean medical gauze.

• More information:
- Avoid contact with eyes.
- Keep out of the reach of the children.
- For external use only.

Made in:
United Kingdom

200 ml

Store at room temperature
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