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Braun Nasal Aspirator BNA100EU

12.950 KD

An easy to use device that is used to clean babies nose

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Braun Nasal Aspirator BNA100EU

Braun Nasal Aspirator is used to clean babies ‘nasal tips in a comfortable way.
It is unique design will help you to clean your baby’s nose from all angles.
Braun Nasal Aspirator is very gentle and fast, and safe.

• Braun Nasal Aspirator is easy to use and clean.
• The 2 suctions levels that allow you to choose between standard clean and deep clean.
• Some of the device parts are easy to clean with the dishwasher.

How to use:
Follow the instructions.

Points of interest:
• Keep out of reach of children.

Made in:

Store at room temperature
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