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First Aid

Cansin Plast Elastic Bandage 6cm X 150 cm

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Elastic bandage that help relief and treat injuries

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Cansin Plast Elastic Bandage 6cm X 150 cm 

Cansin plast comfortable bandages are made of cotton and elastic materials.
It is used for fixing fractures, dislocations, sprains, muscle ruptures, ligament breakups, and sports traumas.
The air-permeable bandages allow airflow to the skin.
Cansin plast elastic bandage has three times lengthwise capability when stretched.


- Color: beige.
- Size: 6 cm x 1.5 m


• Cansin plast bandages.
• Easy application.
• Air permeable.

How to use:

Follow the instructions included on the Cansin package.

Point of interest:

• To avoid the possibility of blood flow interference, should not be applied too tight.
• Can be washed at 30°C with soap and left to be dried.
• stretched length is 4.5 meters.

Made in:



1 Pieces

Store at room temperature.
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