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Care Well Long Tooth Lice Comb

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A comb for long hair that helps to get rid of lice and nits

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Care Well Long Tooth Lice Comb 

Lice comb with Long Tooth suitable for long hair, perfect design, gentle on the scalp and hair, and attached to a hand for better grip and easier control.
It has narrow and tightly connected teeth to make sure the lice stick to them well.
The lice comb helps you restore the cleanliness and vitality of the hair as it penetrates between the hairs to ensure the cleanliness of each hair and the cleanliness of the scalp from lice, nits, and insects.

Color: Red.

Active ingredients:
Stainless steel.

• The lice comb helps you get rid of small head insects, lice, and nits to enjoy clean, vibrant hair.

How to use:
• Wash your hair well with medicated shampoo. You should wash your hair with a conditioner after using the shampoo.
• Dry your hair with a clean, dry towel (do not use a hair dryer to dry your hair).
• Place a clean cloth or towel over your shoulders (this step is important to collect lice that have fallen off your head).
• Separate and section your hair properly using several clips and ribbons.
• After that, you can start combing your hair with a lice comb (try to get as close as possible to your scalp to get the maximum amount of lice and lice eggs).
• After combing all parts, remove the cloth and dispose of it safely.
• Wash your hair again to get rid of the remaining lice and eggs from your scalp.
• Dry your hair with a clean towel after you are done.

Point of interest:
• Disinfect, sterilize and wash the comb after each use.
• Keep it in a very clean and dry place.
• Keep the lice comb out of children's reach.

Made in:

One piece

Store at room temperature.
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