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CH Alpha 30 Vials support joints

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CH Alpha is an oral collagen vials that is highly effective and pleasant-tasting formulation that help regenerate cartilage for better mobility and general joints pain relief.

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CH Alpha 30 Vials

CH Alpha is an oral collagen vial that helps in regenerating the natural cartilage (a kind of dense connective tissue that lies between the joints of the bone). CH-Alpha is a highly effective, very convenient, and pleasant-tasting formulation that acts by stimulating the synthesis of new joint cartilage and helps produce collagen, which forms 70% of the components of cartilage and maintains the flexibility of joints, which makes movement both smoother and more comfortable.
With consistent daily use of CH Alpha, after just a few weeks of regular intake, many patients experience significant pain relief. Continue taking CH Alpha for 2-3 months for better mobility and general relief joints.

People who can benefit from CH Alpha are:
• People who carry loads.
• People under stress from repetitive or exhausting activities.
• Overweight people.
• Athletes.

Points of Interest:
• Use at least for three months or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.
• The recommended daily dose must not be exceeded.

Active ingredients:

• Help nourish cartilage tissue directly.
• Help cartilage absorb maximum nutrients.
• Helps regenerate and restore cartilage degeneration.
• Reduce joint pain, joint injuries heal, and protects joints' health and flexibility.

How to use:
Drink one vial daily.

Cautions and warnings:
• Side effects are uncommon with CH-ALPHA.

Made in:

30 vials

Store at room temperature.

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