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Clara 10 mg 10 Tabs

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These Anti-allergy tablets contain non-drowsy antihistamine that reduces symptoms like itching, sneezing, and tearing.

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Clara 10 mg 10 Tabs

- Clara tablets are non-drowsy antihistamine tablets used to relieve allergy symptoms.
- The tablets help to relieve allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itching, and watery eyes that accompany chronic or seasonal allergies.
- Clara tablets contain loratadine, which is a non-drowsy antihistamine that you can use it during the day.
- The tablets are long-acting, lasting for a full day, so you only need to take one dose per day for chronic allergies.

Active ingredients:

Clara tablets benefits:
- Relieve symptoms of chronic allergies.
- Reduce sneezing and allergic coughing.
- Relieve seasonal nasal allergies.
- Soothe irritation of mucous membranes resulting from allergies.
- Relieve burning and itching of the allergic eye.

How to use Clara tablets:
Ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking this medicine.
• Adults: One Tablet, Once Daily.
• Children from 2 to 12 years: one tablet once daily.
• Children above 12 years: one tablet once daily.

• Warnings and precautions:
-Patients with renal and liver failure should inform their doctor or pharmacist before using these tablets.
-These tablets should not be administered simultaneously with sedative medications.
-It is crucial to keep these tablets out of the reach of children.

• Other medicines and Loratadine:
- Please note that these tablet may interact with Carbamazepine, Cimetidine, and Clarithromycin.

• Side effects:
- Headaches.
- Drowsiness.

Made in: Saudi Arabia.

Quantity: 10 Tabs.

Store at room temperature.
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