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Cooling Patch Soft Gel Sheets 12 PCs

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Medical Patches that relieve fever immediately

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Cooling Patch Soft Gel Sheets 12 Pcs 

Cold patches give your child instant relief from fever as they absorb heat for up to 10 hours.
It has a perfect design that fits on the forehead easily and does not cause pain when removed and is a suitable size for children's foreheads.
Soft Gel Sheets are made of gentle and safe materials that do not cause allergic reactions, irritation, or itching.
Safe to use with medication whenever you feel your child has a fever.

Quantity: 12'S

• Cold patches relieve fever immediately.
• It relieves pain.
• Cold patches give you relief.
• Ideal for use after vaccinations.

How to use:
• Use each cooling patch only once and discard it after use.

Point of interest:
• Cold patches for external use.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Avoid applying cold patches to cuts or irritated, sunburned, or hypersensitive skin.
• It has no side effects.

12 pieces

Store at room temperature.
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